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Brightnex LED Lighting

12V RGB LED Strip Light T Shape 4 Pin Connector

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Part #: BN120229

4 PIN T-shape 3-Ends Female Connector For LED RGB strip Light


Can connect RGB LED strips or RGB strip & RGB controller together   - Plug-and-play easily installation between LED strip lights -No other parts needed when your strip light has a male connector (four pin male-to-male chip on the end)

This is a 3 ends T-shape connector for LED RGB strips. You can use it to connect 3 RGB strips or 2 RGB strips with 1 RGB controller WITHOUT 

Cutting and re-connecting them.

It's a plug-and-play easily installation between LED strip light, which will save you plenty of time on cutting and hand-soldering RGB LED strip 

lights. No other parts needed to install this connector, except for a 4 pin male-to-male chip on the end.

Application:  for 5050 RGB LED Strips